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Tree Removal Brisbane Southside

Not only are trees admired for their beauty, they’re also an important part of our environment for many reasons, so our goal is to retain trees when possible.

Sometimes it’s simply not an option for a number of reasons. Your tree may no longer be safe to keep if any of the following risks sound familiar;

  • Your tree is too large for its location and poses a danger – if it should fall or shed limbs
  • Tree is showing signs of disease and weakening or reduced structural integrity
  • The tree is dead or dying
  • The Tree was damaged in a storm, and is beyond repair
  • Roots are intruding on structures like your driveway & house or your neighbour’s property
  • Your tree is leaning in a dangerous direction toward your house or driveway

Whatever the reason for the removal of your tree, our highly skilled tree removal experts are ready to help.

Pro Tree Services extensive level of climbing skill and tree removal experience, make us the company of choice when large trees or hazardous trees need to be removed.

All tree removal is dangerous. Accidents from poorly trained, uninsured tree removal companies can expose you to injury, property damage and unnecessary stress – but you can be sure that when you choose Pro Tree Services, we are fully qualified Arborist, with the correct qualifications to climb and we’re suitably insured!

Picking the right type of Arborist for your tree job isn’t always easy.

It’s important to note; not all Arborist are equally qualified and adequately insured to climb a tree, but they do – some are only certified to remove trees via elevated work platforms EWP.

Using an under qualified or unqualified “Tree Climber” could lead to a stressful situation for you, when something goes wrong and you find out that they don’t carry the correct insurances, or they’re not insured because they don’t carry the correct qualifications to climb a tree.

All of our Arborist are fully qualified “Tree Climbing Arborist”, at Pro Tree Services and hold all necessary insurances to climb to unrestricted heights to remove your tree.

Our professional tree climbers can remove any size tree using the latest tree climbing techniques, rigging, towers, cranes.

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