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Pro Tree Lopping Brisbane Southside

“We’re not just better or different; We are unique in tree care!”

Tree Lopping Brisbane Southside | We offer you an extensive range of Arboriculture & Horticulture knowledge, techniques, and tree services Brisbane Southside.

Our passion means we are constantly seeking to learn more, so we can be better!

We’re here to help you. You can rest assured knowing that our team has been carefully selected to consist of highly skilled and qualified industry leading expert arborists, with over 15 years of extensive hands on experience, and a genuine passion for tree care.

Our tree experts are ready to assist you with an extensive range of tree services Brisbane Southside.

The safety of our staff, and that of the people and property around us is always our top priority. We take great pride in our work ensuring we treat each project as if it was our own, because we value your project, home and property.

Pro Tree Services Brisbane Southside

As qualified and experienced Arborist & Horticulturist, we’re able to offer you a unique and diverse skill set to assist you with the care and maintenance of your trees.

We have the equipment and skills suited to limited access sites, as well as the ability to take care of your larger projects.

No Tree Services Brisbane Southside too Small – We do them all!


Tree Removal Brisbane Southside

Not only are trees admired for their beauty, they’re also an important part of our environment for many reasons, so our goal is to retain trees when possible.

Sometimes it’s simply not an option for a number of reasons. Your tree may no longer be safe to keep if any of the following risks sound familiar;

  • Your tree is too large for its location and poses a danger – if it should fall or shed limbs
  • Tree is showing signs of disease and weakening or reduced structural integrity
  • The tree is dead or dying
  • The Tree was damaged in a storm, and is beyond repair
  • Roots are intruding on structures like your driveway & house or your neighbors property
  • Your tree is leaning in a dangerous direction toward your house or driveway

Whatever the reason for the removal of your tree, our highly skilled experts are ready to help with your Tree Removal Brisbane Southside.

Pro Tree Services Qld extensive level of climbing skill and tree removal experience, make us the company of choice when large trees or hazardous trees need to be removed.

Picking the right type of Arborist for your tree job isn’t always easy.

It’s important to note; not all Arborist are equally qualified and adequately insured to climb a tree, but they do – some are only certified to remove trees via elevated work platforms EWP.

All of our Arborists Brisbane Southside are fully qualified “Tree Climbing Arborist”, and Pro Tree Services hold all necessary insurances to climb to unrestricted heights to remove your tree.

Our professional tree climbers Brisbane Southside can remove any size tree using the latest tree climbing techniques, rigging, towers, cranes.


Tree Lopping Brisbane Southside

Tree Lopping Brisbane Southside | We don’t promote tree lopping Brisbane Southside, because it’s a dangerous practice and doesn’t comply with industry standards. Instead, our team will always try to prune your trees using only the best and safest practice, and it won’t cost you a cent more, than it would for a tree lopper Brisbane Southside!

Tree Lopping Brisbane Southside is a dangerous technique that increases tree failure.

Pruning is the safest method for removing a tree limb or branch, as it maintains the trees structure makes it healthier and therefore is the best practice in hazard prevention.

Pro Tree Services Qld team consists of highly trained and experienced industry professionals, with a true passion for tree work.

We live and breathe trees! So, we respect and comply with industry standards and will always use the most appropriate methods to cut your tree.

You can be confident that our work is compliant with the relevant professional standards and guidelines ‘Australia Standard AS 4373-2007’ Pruning of Amenity Trees’. This is in line with local & state Government requirements.

Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure undertaken by an Arborist. Trees require a skilled level of care to maintain their structural integrity, aesthetics and too keep them in good health. Its’ imperative that pruning be done with an understanding of tree biology as each cut has the potential to change the growth of the tree and alter its structure.

Improper pruning can lead to lasting damage or even reduce the tree’s life, which could potentially cause damage when the tree fails or more it could pose a serious safety risk.


The title Arborists can be used as a general term to describe 3 main areas of Arboriculture work.

  • Climbing Arborist – Climbing is a specialised skill set, and a qualification not held by all that claim to be Climbing Arborist’s. A Qualified Tree Climbing Arborist, learns to focus on accessing trees using standard and advanced tree climbing techniques to undertake Arboriculture duties such as; Fell Trees, Prune Trees Provide information on plants and their culture, Control plant; pests, disease and disorders as well as a large variety of other Tree Maintenance.

A Qualified Climbing Arborist is a True Tree Expert, as they have the most extensive skillset to offer and the Qualifications to back them and you. All of our Arborist at Pro Tree Services Qld are Qualified Climbing Arborist, as well as Qualified Horticulturist’s.

  • Ground-based Arborist – Manage arboriculture programs and are safety spotters for workers utilising the climbing and EWP methods.
  • EWP Arborist – It’s important to note that should you hire and EWP Arborist to climb your tree and not a specialist qualified Tree Climber, that if damage is done to your property, you’ll likely have a hard time claiming on their public liability insurance as they were undertaking work that they are not suitably qualified to, meaning that they would also be in breach of safe work protocol.


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Tree Lopping Brisbane Southside

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